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XUCHANG QIANLIXING BAGS CO., LTD website revision on-line

2018-12-20 13:24:11 XUCHANG QIANLIXING BAGS CO., LTD Read

Xuchang Qianlihang Baotou Industry Co., Ltd. was established in January 2017. It is located in Yanling Industrial Agglomeration Area, Henan Province. Its geographical location is superior and transportation is convenient. It is 20 kilometers west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 60 kilometers north of Xinzheng International Airport, 311 National Highway runs east-west, 219 Provincial Highway runs north-south, and Lannan Expressway and Xuzhou Expressway have exit points. The agglomeration area is nearly 600 kilometers away from Lianyun Port, and the traffic conditions are very convenient.

Our factory is mainly engaged in the product design, development and production of backpacks, schoolbags, travel bags, shopping bags, ice packs, stationery bags, computer bags, certificate bags, small bags and various gifts, gift bags, etc., with an annual output value of 50 million yuan, which can be processed by incoming materials or contracted materials. Products are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Japan, South America and more than a dozen countries and regions as well as UNICEF, we have experience in operating large orders abroad; quality is the life of enterprises, the same price to ensure your best quality; reputation is the basis of cooperation, the same quality to ensure your lowest price.

Our factory has 150 employees. The basis of corporate governance and management is not only to emphasize the development of enterprises, but also to pay more attention to the value of human beings and health and safety. The company is based on the business philosophy of "surviving by quality, developing by reputation and managing for benefit", and customer satisfaction is our pursuit as always. We sincerely welcome both domestic and foreign enterprises. Customers come and patronize, and create a better future with new and old customers!